Growing any kind of a large sales team will essentially require you to learn a great deal of information in the process. Here are Six Top lessons that pertain to sales management that you can make note of to help you along in your own journey.

Clarity Means Velocity

Teams need to know the Strategy, their role in it and what success looks like.  Align your metrics to this success as it will your data meaning.  Then align coaching and rewards the progress.  You can always make it more simple and improve clarity.  

Hint:  Do not let perfection stop progress.

Set Quota for Marketing/Demand Gen

Your marketing team should always be willing to take accountability and responsibility in the success of the sales process, most notably the lead generation portion. It’s important to have as much of a defined relationship as possible because it will help to eliminate subjectivity between the marketing and sales teams.  You want shared success and shared accountability throughout.

Strategic Interviewing

Keep in mind that it’s always crucial to understand what your context is. For example, an individual may not be very successful in terms of technology sales, yet they may be great in markets that are lower value and higher volume. There are also five important factors that you can make note of when it comes to strategically interviewing potential employees for your industry:


*Previous success

*Work ethic




Coaching is Important to Achieve Sales Productivity

Always ensure that your managers are effective in both developing and coaching your main salespeople. This is perhaps the biggest way that you will achieve the highest amount of sales productivity. Furthermore, schedule a time to meet with your sales directors and reinforce a good coaching culture for your company.

Organize Sales Teams By Persona, Vertical, Size, Department or Persona

Rather than just organizing all of your sales teams into territories, you should instead consider organizing them in terms of buyer persona or vertical. Figure out which is most important and prioritize that.  You may use more than one. (i.e. Verticals and Territories or SMB vs Enterprise) This will more success in the short-term and long run.

  • Hint:  Do not break into geographies until you have at least 6 salespeople on that segment.

Keep Your Focus on Inbound Inside Sales

About two decades ago, you always had to talk face-to-face with a salesperson in order to get all of the information that you needed, regardless of what it was. Nowadays, salespeople are available over the phone, internet, etc., and it’s important to step up your game to add a sense of value to the industry because of that. Ensure that they always do a better job when engaging with a customer, understanding all of their specific goals, etc.