A Leader Worth Following

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Incredible leaders come in all shapes and sizes. They have different styles, different goals, different strengths. There are great leaders in churches, business, schools, sports teams, families, politics (yes, even there) and non-profits throughout the world.

So what makes a leader worth following? One trait rings true. A leader who is secure is the only leader worth following.

John Maxwell once said, “Leadership is Influence… Nothing More, Nothing Less.

A secure leader does not rely on a title, position or authority. They rely on the vision they have to see the world changed by people who they help grow to fulfill their potential.

A secure leader invests in people and will not stunt the growth of those around them. A secure leader also continues to invest in themselves because if they don’t challenge themselves to live up to their potential, their people never will achieve theirs.

sales consulting adviceA leader is enriched by the growth of their people.

Insecurity comes of a place of viewing the word as a zero sum game with limited resources. That means if someone wins, someone else loses. An insecure leader won’t invest fully in their people giving them opportunity to grow, risk, and flourish, because it might mean less opportunity for them.

In most cases, this is not intentional. It is a mindset that needs to change and it starts by understanding that your world is not limited. Your resources are not limited and your opportunities are not limited.

You may have limited budget, you may have a limited role, you may even have limited time. But you are not limited.

You have everything you need to do the job you are asked to complete. You may have to be creative, you may have to think differently, but you have it.

Invest in your people, no matter who or where they are. If you lead a team of 2 or 200, crush it with passion.  Now is a good time to start.

Security is a decision that you have a role and a purpose that is uniquely yours. No one can take it from you.

Serving people comes from a place of security. Many people can effectively do a job but very few can truly lead people, build an organization and change lives. Leadership is not about you.

A Secure leader humbles themselves, admit mistakes and asks instead of tells because leadership is about developing others,

Secure Leadership isn’t about a short-term destination. It is about the people you take along for the journey. Leadership is about developing influence to impact those around you. Without others, there is no leadership.

Your best journey is ahead.  You were built for this.

Let me know your definition of leadership and how a leader has impacted you.