Dear Boss (VP Sales, CEO, President, Owner, Manager, GM, VP, etc.)

Hi, I am your best sales person. There is a lot being written about me lately and the affect I may or may not be having on the growth of your business.

I wanted to tell you little about myself and how you can make sure you are getting the most out of me and the rest of my team. I realize, I flipped the pro-noun there but I like the way it sounds better.

So, First a little about me.

  • I love to talk about me, I love it when I talk about me. I love it even more when you and your boss talk about me. I don’t put my head-down and not want to be noticed. I go after big elephants in hopes to bring home a trophy that you will hang on your wall for everyone to see. Even if I sell to the SMB, I am looking for the biggest one or the biggest number. I am special and I want you to notice.

I know most people think I am completely money motivated. Actually, while I appreciate the compensation as a motivator. As long as you pay me enough, recognition, rewards, competition and opportunity for advancement will be what gets you my extra effort.

  • I will buy into your vision more than anyone else in our company. I don’t like to admit it, but I am easy to sell as I am a bit emotional. If I buy into the vision, there will not be a wall I wont run through.
  • I am a strategic thinker but even more so, I am optimistic and enthusiastic. I am always inclined to see the growth opportunity in any situation. We can always make it, there is always enough time and I will find a way to hit a five run home run. You need my optimism and my energy. If I understand where we are going, my enthusiasm is contagious and I will infect the rest of the team.
  • I can’t stand complex answers to simple questions.

Example: How much will I make on this deal?

Complex Answer: It depends… (Actually, All I hear after this is Blah, Blah, Blah, and I now assume I am getting hosed.)

Desired Answer: You will make X. If you are above 100%, you will make more. ( I really like that answer)

Example 2: Are we better than the competition?

Complex Answer: We are better in some areas while they are better in others…. (Here are going to get into some technical explanation, I can feel it coming)

Desired Answer: Yes, We dominate them today and more importantly, here is our plan to continue to dominate them.

  • No one can get you closer to the customer than I can. You and your teams need to understand what our customers are saying, how they are reacting to our messaging and how they really think about us. I need you to be engaged and it means the world to me when you spend time with me talking to customers. It helps me get better to hear how you think and I will aplly that learning to get better and sell more for you. If you have my back, you will win my loyalty.

Lastly, a little more about me

  • Let’s talk about reporting. I know, you know and we all know I am not great at entering my data into our CRM (, etc) You need to help me see value out of it and you will barely even have to remind me to put the data in. Use the data for competition, use it for rewards but most importantly, use the data to coach me and make me better. If you do that, it will mean more than just money ever will. I may not tell you that, but you will get my discretionary time, effort and ideas.

I hope this little letter helps you as you think about how to manage and build the sales team. You can get much more out of us than you ever thought. I see myself as a leader in sales even if I do not want to manage anyone. If you can ever use me as an example to the rest of the team, I am happy to volunteer and will never turn down that opportunity. If you need me to teach newbies the ropes, I will do it all day long. That is my love language.

Invest in me and we will crush this thing.

All My Best,

Your Best Sales Person.