Every good sales-person spends a lot of time perfecting their pitch.

Every great one spends more time perfecting their questions.

Selling is this incredible mix of effort, strategy, improvisation and relationship building.

You can only bring value if you understand what someone finds valuable

Let me repeat, you better know your pitch (the value you bring) because you will get one shot.  More importantly, you need to know if you have the right person before you spend the time.

Here are three types of questions that will make you, your team and your company more effective, efficient, and trusted starting today.

Ask yourself these questions before you get started.  A few minutes of research and thinking will greatly increase your effectiveness and will make you and your company stand-out.…  Even on Voice-mail or email as you are speaking their language, not yours.  

Your goal of the 1st call is to get the 2nd one.  To do that, you have to stand out from the crowd. You can’t stand out by doing what everyone else is doing.

Are they the right company?

If you are going to catch fish, you better know what fish are in the lake and what bait they eat.  Don’t waste time fishing in the wrong lake with the wrong bait

Questions for you

  • What do the company do?
  • What does their competition do?
  • How do we help them do more of it? (better than the competition)
  • What is the goal of this call?

Questions for them?

  • What are they most focused on?  (growth, savings, scaling, new markets)

Are they the right person?

We found the right lake… Now let’s find the right fish.  Small fish and BIg Fish strategies can both work. You have to understand which one you have.  It all depends on buying and signing authority. You treat them all like big fish (respect and kindness) but you can’t get a deal done until it is in front of a Big Fish.

Questions for you?

  • What is their role?
  • How does that fit into org chart?

Questions for them

  • What excites them about the company?
  • What would help them the most?
  • How has their company handled purchases like this in the past (if they are small, how have they handled it.  Do they approve, sign, or recommend?)
  • What is a win for them?  How do we help them get there?
  • What is the Biggest challenge we solve for them?
  • What is the Next Step?

Questions after the 1st Call:

For Us

  • Are they a good fit for the current product or is a future release necessary?
  • Is there a defined Next Step?  – Date and Time
  • Did they state a real challenge (Need) that they are paying to solve?
  • Can our contact carry the ball to the next step?

Now, Go out there and Crush It.


  • Bring Value to every Conversation.


  • Be Better than you were yesterday.
  • Help someone who was where you were yesterday.