You have the capacity to change the world.  You may never be president or build a Billion dollar company (you might), that is not really what changes things…

The world changes when enough people start changing thiers.  Think of it as a tipping point.  When enough people become purpose-filled, generous with time, resources and understanding a big part of their journey is helping others, we start a movement that eclipses the negativity impacting so many on a daily basis.  That is what lighting up your world is all about.

The world needs your hustle, your passion directed at making the world better for others. Can’t be about or you… It’s not a swindle…   Purpose is about impacting the world to make your mark.

In short, The world needs what you have inside you.  It is time to put your idea, your talent, your leadership and your purpose on display and into action.

What wakes you up? What Keeps you rolling? How do you spend more time doing that?

“A career is not a series of jobs, it is the journey of your lifetime.”

Wherever you are on your journey, I hope you will use these to increase your impact on the world by:

  • Taking steps forward toward your purpose and passion
  • Developing strategies to overcome current challenges
  • Equipping yourself to not give up

So What is Purpose Driven Hustle…?

People Inspired, God Given Strength to Dream Big, Never Give Up, Passionately Pursue Purpose and Encourage Everywhere you go…

Ask Yourself….”What would you do if you had a full day, but you had to work on something…..?”

#1.  Where you come from doesn’t determine where you finish

  • You are more equipped than you think.
  • No Excuses… Own It, then learn from it.
  • Focus on what you have, Utilize your strengths
  • Take Advantage of Every Opportunity to learn
  • Stay Humble…Ask for help

#2.  Plans change, your purpose doesn’t

  • Everywhere you go… There you are
  • One Setback or Victory does not define you.
  • Be Future Focused
  • Fall in love with your purpose, not the plan.
  • Be Present….

#3.  Goals are not enough

  • Activity means nothing without progress
  • Be Relentlessly Honest with yourself and your team.
  • Crave Accountability and Feedback.
  • Stop working on Low priorities
  • Work Turns Dreams Into Results
  • Win Every Day

#4.  Vision Brings Clarity…

  • Be Grateful but never Satisfied
  • Celebrate progress, Dissect,  then move on
  • Culture is what you actually do every day.
  • If you can’t articulate what you want, you won’t get it
  • Own It….  Good and Bad
  • Be patient… enough

#5. No impact without contact

  • Get moving
  • Smile – More powerful than you think
  • Apologize and Get Better – Don’t excuse cutting corners
  • Don’t let perfection block you from progress
  • It is not about you…  Determine who is it about?
  • Give more than you take…

Stay Humble… Hustle Hard… Help Others